How does our word to pdf convertor work?

Our word to pdf is an online convertor that creates PDF docs from .docx and .doc formats. The all you need to do is to click on upload button and choose a Word doc from your PC. Within instants the PDF doc will be set to download and you only need to click on “Download” button in order to save converted doc on your PC. If the doc you need to convert into PDF format is saved in One Drive, Google Drive, or Drop box, click on resultant icon to access your docs.

Once the process of conversion from doc to pdf is completed, the Download button will display. Meanwhile, you will see a conversion progress bar on your screen. Our doc to pdf online convertor doesn’t ask for your email or any other confidential information. Word docs are typically converted into PDF format within only a few seconds and deleted from our servers within the next couple of hours. If the Word doc is large-sized, you possibly wait longer than usual time. The speed of conversion also depends upon your internet connection speed and how crowded is the server. Our highly sophisticated doc to pdf converter is very easy to use and can do the job without incurring any hidden costs. It can easily convert all kinds of .docx or .doc extensions into PDF without requiring any private information from your side. You can access Word docs stored in the cloud.

Our free online word to pdf converter is only for Microsoft Office Word users that want to save their docs in a safer doc format, just like PDF. Once you need to transfer your Word file to someone else, it is a sensible idea to convert it into PDF first. Under such a way, doc layout will be fully preserved and there will be a zero risk of losing data. You will also be capable of securing your PDF docs which is very useful while working with highly confidential data. Never mind what MS Word version you have, our convertor can easily convert.doc as well as .docx docs into PDF.